at the speed of sunlight

who we are

Head of a number of major companies present for 20 years in the world of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Thanks to the constant research for increasingly innovative and performing products, it positions itself as a leader in a new level of supplies, installations and maintenance in the world of systems, photovoltaic.

It grows with the growth of the market, reaching today unique services of its kind.

our mission

The mission of our group is to include within the same brand our skills, our materials, our installers, our designers to give our partners the best support in the construction of the systems.

Experience, professionalism and passion.

our vision

The Skyland Service vision is expressed in several branches and for each objective we have created an ad hoc solution.

The goal, whether it is a roof system, a ground system or a design efficency solution for charging stations is to continue to evolve together to keep up with a world that is evolving "at the speed of sunlight".